Hello Beegee.
I have upgraded one device yo RUI3, I aim to not been in the need of issuing device per device DEVEUI.
I have seen the following api method.
api.lorawan.deui.get(buf, len);

This will return the EUI like in the device label? or I need to load the EUI first??

Hi @J.Daniel

When you upgraded the device to RUI3, the credentials are empty. You need to set them either from your application with

You need to set as well the region, datarate and other settings.

I prefer to do this once on a device by using the AT command interface. The values are saved in flash and unless you make a full erase or go back to Arduino BSP, they are save.

Using AT commands (or the WisToolBox) once on each device makes your application code flexible, because you do not need to change the code for each new device.

When using WisToolBox, it has an option to create templates. This makes it even faster to setup multiple devices, as the template can have most common settings and you need only to change the Device EUI.

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