RUI3 Improvement Documentation Request

Hello guys,
First of all great RUI3 Documentation, unfortunately i noticed the following information missing and it would be great if we can have that added:

  1. a search engine for the documentation say i want to look up how to set the ADR, typing ADR on the top search seems to search the whole site and not just RUI3 docs, and obviously returns nothing, so to find what i want i have to click on LoRaWan then rely on Ctrl + F to find the right call. maybe i’m doing it wrong.
  2. i can’t find the Data type and different expected values and their meanings of the call backs for example SERVICE_LORA_RECEIVE_T and join_cb(int32_t status) what are the expected statuses >>failure, joined and so on… same goes for the other callbacks…

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Hi @JayjJay
Thanks for the feedback. We will check how we can improve these things.

Can you check the documentation and add the missing information (I think I mentioned that before).
For the search engine, I think we need to talk to Mark.

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