RUI3 urgently needs a configuration for LA915

We are having several problems when using the AU915 on the Brazilian network (Everynet LoRaWAN) configured as LA915.

Although the LA915 is based on the AU915, the LA915 is slightly different as can be seen at LA915 · Everynet Network Server

Among the problems are: ADR malfunction, incorrect number of channels, it is not possible to deactivate the uplink and downlink dwell time, among others.

Please, is it possible to include the LA915 definitions in the next RUI build? ASAP!

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I will forward this proposal to the R&D team. However, implementing a new LoRaWAN region is not something simple and requires intensive testing before it can be released.

Hi Bernd, thank you for your fast reply.

Please Bernd, this topic is very important, I’ve already found several people with the same problem here on the forum.

See that Semtech has already made the RegionLA915.h and RegionLA915.c files available. I believe there is no mystery in this.

In the STM32CubeIDE development environment we already included the files and it worked perfectly with the RAK3172. But we would like to have the facilities that RUI3 provides.

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Forwarded to R&D team.
No promises if it will be done.

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