RUI3 V4.1.1 is released

Documentation (AT + API)

Breaking change for API

:warning: WARNING

With version V4.1.1 of RUI3, the LoRa P2P functions are separated into a new class and API calls for LoRa have a changed syntax:

Old New Comment
api.lorawan.pXXX api.lora.pXXX All LoRa P2P API calls change.
api.lorawan.registerPyyy api.lora.registerPyyy All LoRa P2P callback register API calls change.
api.lorawan.nwm.set(1) api.lorawan.nwm.set() Set device to LoRaWAN mode.
api.lorawan.nwm.set(0) api.lora.nwm.set() Set device to LoRa P2P mode.

99% of the code can be updated with simple search and replace functions
api.lorawan.p* ==> api.lora.p*
api.lorawan.registerP* ==> api.lora.registerP*
api.lorawan.nwm.set(1)* ==> api.lorawan.nwm.set()
api.lorawan.nwm.set(0)* ==> api.lora.nwm.set()


I was wondering why my code stopped compiling all of a sudden. Thanks @beegee for the updates.

Sorry for that.
But LoRa P2P functions called with api.lorawan was a thorn in my eye for a long time.
While reducing code size, I pushed for the rename.

I was aware that it will cause problems, but it is easy to adjust.

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