RUI3 + Windows 7

is there any way to compile it on Windows 7? I checked on two computers, same problem:

Error loading Python DLL ‘C:\Users\ectar\AppData\Local\Temp_MEI79962\python39.dll’.
LoadLibrary: The specified module could not be found.

I installed some special version of python 3.10 but it didn’t help.

Hello @zolax
I am trying to find someone with Windows 7 to check it. But our office computers are all Windows 10/11 already.

Which ArduinoIDE version are you using? The path looks strange, usually Arduino compilation folders look like C:\Users\Bernd\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_677388

Hi @beegee ,
it was tested on version 1.8.13 and also I update it to 1.8.19. Python updated to 3.10

Are you using Visual Studio or Arduino IDE?
You list Arduino IDE versions, but the screenshot is Visual Studio.

@beegee both, same result.

We are still not able to test on Win 7 unfortunately.
We tested on Win 10/11 andLinux OS with the latest ArduinoIDE and Visual Studio 2019 version 16.11 and Visual Studio Code IDE (VSCodeUserSetup-x64-1.66.2.exe)

For Python, this are the versions our R&D team has installed.

And this are the Python versions on my Win 10 computer

@beegee thanks, for now I will just stick to non RUI3 version, need to update windows at some point anyway :F.

The problem is in the todo-list of our R&D team. If we find a solution I will let you know.

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