Rx Power Consumption in RAK811

Hi. I heard that the min power consumption in Rx windows at RAK811 is 5.5mA, but I just can’t figure out how can we reach that level. currently with at command (at+rxc=1), I measure 21mA in Rx mode which is too high. any suggestion on how decreasing power consumption?

Hi @illia,

What is your setup - how are you measuring the power consumption. Are you using the RAK811 with the breakout board, the wis node, etc.
Please give us some more info :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply
I’m just using single RAK811 module. I put RAK811 in Rx continuous mode (at+rxc=1) with default setup (EU868) and as it said in datasheet, the min power consumption in Rx mode is 5.5mA., but I measure 21mA steady. I wanna know how can i decrease it down? any particular peripheral which i should turn it off? Should I dig in the code or any AT command which can help me?