Saving energy on rak5010

Hi, I am using rak5010 board with bg95-m3 module. Currently I am programming for rak5010 using NRF52 SDK. The power consumption part of the nrf52840 seems fine as I can lower the current consumed to less than 1mA. But when starting the bg95-m2, the current consumption increases very high. I have tried turning off the GPS and turning off the power of the GPS when not in use.
So how can I save energy on bg95-m2 ? Also, does the level of the BG95_RESET and BG95_W_DISABLE pins affect the power consumption of the bg95?
Thanks for your respond

Hi @QuangPhuoc1998 ,

There are many power modes in BG95.

You can get the reference documents in Quectel website after you created an account. But there is one also uploaded online but I am not sure if udpated - Power Saving; Airplane Mode - Quectel BG95 Series Hardware Design [Page 31] | ManualsLib

Also, this is the current consumption report for both BG95 and BG96 provided by Quectel itself.

I am afraid that just using BG95_RESET pin and BG95_W_DISABLE won’t give you the best lowest possible mode.

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