Schematics for RAK2287 and RAK2003 Pi HAT Ver B

Hello RAK team !
Can you publish (or send directly) schematics for RAK2287 and RAK2003 Pi HAT Ver. B ?

I make standalone LORAWAN gateway (RAK2287, uSD, GPS, solar charger, wtc.) and schematics for RAK2287 and RAK2003 very helpfull for me.

Thanks in advance

Are you likely to solder anything on to these? I personally wouldn’t. If not, you can just measure the power requirements. But as some level of schematic, try the documentation:

I see this diagrams but schematics give me more information. RAK2003 more interesting for me. May be RAK guys can help.
I check real consumption for RAK2287 with average 400mA and RAK831 with average 600mA.

RAK2287 HAT Ver B schematics still unavailable ?