Screws for Wisblock sensor and interface

Hi everyone, I purchased a number of Wisblock items a short while ago and am only just getting them out of the box, and noticed that screws are not included? I purchased the base, core, Interface Extension board, NB Iot interface, 4-20mA interface Module and the 0-5v interface Module.
Also, the Interface Extension board came with a short cable with a JST SH Connector on each end. Could I simply cut it and connect my external sensors to the available wires?
Thanks in advance. Andrew.

Hello Andy, welcome back.

I will check with our logistics regarding the screws. I know they are included with the WisBlock Kits, but I have to verify whether they are added to the WisBlock Base board RAK5005-O.

For the cable delivered with the Interface Extension Board, I cut it and soldered headers to the ends to connect my peripherals.
The pinout of the two connectors on the Extension Board can be found in our documentation.

Thanks Bernd, I’m happy to purchase some to use, am I correct in the size, M1.2 * 3mm?

Hi Andy,

Can you check the box/pouch the RAK5005-O Base board was coming in? The screws should be in that pouch.


If you cannot find them, M1.2 x 3 mm is the correct size.

But I am trying to verify with our logistics team.

I checked with our logistics team. The screws are packed with the RAK5005-O board.

Thanks Bernd, I have obviously misplaced them, I’ll order some more to get this happening. Thanks so much for your prompt reply!