SD-image for RAK7243 Lora Gateway OS is needed

Hi all,
I’ve bought RAK7243 Pilot Gateway Pro (w.LTE BG95) and want to use it with LoRa Gateway OS from

But my knowledge level in Linux/Docker isn’t enough to complete instructions from readme.MD on that page.
Please share SD-image for this build or more detailed(useful) instruction how to build it…

Hi, @b_calabasov

We suggest users to use our image based on Raspbian OS instead of the image based on LoRa Gateway OS on RAK7243 with LTE now.
In fact, we will only supply the image based on Raspbian OS officially on RAK website, and i’m plan to make an interesting topic in RAK forum about LoRa Gateway OS, that’s all.

If you want it, please download the firmware from RAK website:
Please download the one named “RAK7243_LTE_based_on…”.

But this image haven’t included an integrated internal loraserver, if you need the internal loraserver image, i can supply tomorrow. I’ll update the news in this topic ASAP.

Hi Fomi,
Thanks for your quick answer!
Yes, we’re trying to deploy stand-alone & separated Loraserver for demo and testing needs. It’s the reason why we’re looking at LoRa Gateway OS.
I’ll be waiting your solution…
Best regards!

Hi, @b_calabasov

Please download the latest image for RAK7243 with LTE from RAK website:
Which you need is the one named “”.

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Hi Fomi,
Thank you very much for your very quick and sensitive help!
Good luck and Best Regards!

Hi guys.

Is there a problem with the server that contains the latest RAK7243 firmware:
Everytime that I tried to download “”, it is extremly slow and never completes. Is there any other way to obtain the RAK7243 firmware please.

Thanks in advance

Hi @researcher
Maybe they do some maintenance. If it is urgent Please PM me to sent you gdrive link for FW.


Thanks, I could download it.