SDI-12 Module (RAK13010) Internal 12V current limit

When the SDI-12 module is set to internal 12V, how much current can it source to the sdi bus/sensors?

Hello @sspw

reading the RAK13010 schematic a SGM6607A (High Voltage Boost Converter) is used to convert VBAT to internal 12V. And according to its datasheet it can handle about 1.2 A.

Edit: it’s actually 12 V / 300 mA - please see following posts.


300mA max output, this is from the datasheet and the same external components we use on the RAk13010:

Hello @beegee

good to know, thank you for correcting my incorrect assumption. I only looked at the features list which states: 1.2A Integrated Switch. My bad. Sorry about that.


Thx for pointing out the datasheet and the current soucing spec.

I suggest that the 300mA spec is added to the Documention Center at RAK13010 WisBlock SDI-12 Module | RAKwireless Documentation Center