Send AT commands without Serial Port Tool (RAK7204)

Everything works fine using RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL but how can I send AT commands using Putty, minicom, picocom, etc?

The device boots up and I see the boot text so RX works. I can also wake the the device by sending anything. However I can’t get any other response except “Wake up.”

I know I need to send CR+LF but nothing I do get any response except “Wake up.” sometimes. I have tried “+++” and various “at+…” commands but no reply. Everything works in RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL.

What is the RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL doing before sending the at commands to get the node into listening mode?

Can you send me the screenshot of your operation? It makes a little bit more intuitive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the quick reply!

This is what works fine on windows:

This is what I can’t figure out on Putty/minicom/picocom etc. I am using a patched version of Putty that is sending the required . I have also spent an hour failing on Linux on /dev/ttyUSB0 before failing more on Windows to confirm that it wasn’t an OS host issue. What settings or keystrokes do I need to get more than a wakeup?

What is that RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL does before sending that at+version command to get the node’s attention?

After sending the command you need to add \r\n to make the command take effect.
RAK SERIAL PORT TOOL is used to view the log, configure three parameters, modify configuration and other functions.

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Hi @MattiasF
AT command is a string ending with the \r\n character,but Putty is character by character.
So Putty is not supported currently. On Linux OS,you could use cutecom serial port tool.


Hi MattiasF

You can download the author’s edited version of PuTTY in here.

Here are the points you need to consider in the settings:

Once you are able to connect to the COM Port, try sending commands same as with the image I have attached below:

You could also try using other Serial Port Tools depending on your preference. Hope this helps.



That’s it! I’ve done the \r\n in quite a few programs and OSes but that’s the key. Thank you!

I looked through the RAK repository for the serial processing code but I couldn’t find it. Wouldn’t be too much work to fix their code to not require the command to appear in one read() :frowning:

Thanks Anthony! Any possibility to open up a ticket to fix the firmware to not require commands to not be in a single ?

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Ended up heading over to StackExchange to learn more about stty to write a small shell script enabling job done on the terminal. Sharing here if others run into the same issue. Tested on Ubuntu18.04.



# Usage:
# $ <device>
# Example: /dev/ttyUSB0

# Set up device
stty -F $1 115200 raw line 1 igncr ocrnl onlcr extproc hup
echo "Connected to $1 - CTRL-D to quit"

# Let cat read the device $1 in the background
cat $1 &

# Capture PID of background process so it is possible to terminate it when done

# Read commands from user, send them to device $1
while read cmd
  echo "$cmd"
done > $1

# Terminate our background device reader
echo "Exiting"
kill $bgPid

+1. Not being able to use normal serial tools is a real pain.

Hi @Nicholas
I hope you are doing well, I try to configure RAK7204,
but in the step I should send

I cannot send that by pressing "send" 

I am going to send /r/n after this step but send buttom for the previous step does nt work
Thank you very much if you could advise me