Send downlink to class C device at any time

i am using RAK7258 with built-in lora network server with latest firmware.
I created an application and it is correctly working as i see uplinks from my device and i receive downlinks sent by the rak to the device.
The problem is that i want to test my device in class C behaviour, but seems that rak is only sending downlinks in rx1 window, even if i press “send” in downlink tab, the data is not sent until device opens next rx1 window (so, after an uplink), even if device is set in class C under configuration tab in application properties in rak UI.
How can i send a downlink at any time i want?


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What is your device, what module has it got and is it joining as Class C?

It is a custom board based on sx1261.
What do you mean by “joining as class C”, from the lora 1.0.3 specification:

> "Note: There is not specific message for a node to tell the server that it
> is a Class C node. It is up to the application on server side to know that
> it manages Class C nodes based on the contract passed during the join
> procedure."
I set in rak 7258 device configuration the device as Class C device.



Apologies, not very well worded and re-reading your post, I see you have it set to Class C already on the server.

I haven’t tried a RAK7258 yet, so I’ll have to defer to bigger brains.


is there any RAK support member that could give some hint?