Sensor Hub 2560 - AT commands

Hello everyone,

I recently started working with the Sensor Hub 2560, and I’m trying to optimize its power consumption for a battery-powered application. I have a few questions:

  1. Is there a sleep mode available for the Sensor Hub 2560 to reduce battery consumption when it’s not actively detecting or sending uplink data?
  2. If sleep mode is available, how can I enable it and configure the Sensor Hub to enter sleep mode when there is no activity or uplink transmission?
  3. Does the Sensor Hub 2560 operate continuously, even when no activity is detected or there is no uplink transmission?
  4. If the Sensor Hub is always operational, does that mean it will drain the battery power quickly? Are there any recommended strategies or techniques to optimize power consumption in such scenarios?
  5. Does AT commands sleep mode , put the hub in sleep and remember that mode or when activity is being performed the sleep mode losses.