Sensor Hub - does it include all necessary components for remote soil monitoring?

Hello all, we would like to develop a setup for monitoring the pH and moisture content of soil remotely. We are interested in this product:
But does it contain everything needed? We would like to place the sensors in the soil, and have the data sent wirelessly to remote interface to be monitored. Do we need additional components, like a concentrator or a gateway? The product I linked here is for pH only, but to my understanding, we can order an accessory that allows a soil humidity sensor to also be included, using the splitter cable? Thank you for your help.

Good morning Bob,

Do you know LoRa/LoRaWAN solutions, I mean endnodes, gateways, LoRa Network Servers and Applications Servers?

This is what you will need to send your pH sensor to your application. The Sensor Hub will get pH informations, but it will need to send them to your application using his own LoRa radio to a LoRaWAN gateway, that it will move them forward to a LoRa Network Server, that it will send them to a Application Server where you have your pH application, for example a dashboard.

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Hello, and thank you for the response. OK, so the Sensor Hub is simply for taking in the sensor data. We already have a LoRa radio, gateway, and Chirpstack account, so I believe we will have everything we need. We are interested in pH and humidity, so from my understanding, we will need only one Sensor Hub, but additional accessories of a Sensor Probe IO of the Soil Moisture, temperature, conductivity variety: and that will be all we need for sensors?

I am curious how the sensor end nodes will interface with the LoRa radio, I assume all of the information is in the documentation? We are currently using an RFM95 style LoRa radio. Thank you again for your response, and have a good day.

SensorHub is a complete end device.
It includes the interfaces to different sensors.
It includes a LoRaWAN radio within its MCU
It has it’s own firmware that handles the sensors and the LoRaWAN communication.
It is able to directly communicate with a LoRaWAN server through a LoRaWAN gateway.

You cannot connect an external MCU or LoRa radio to the SensorHub.