Serial: No ping response

i have a rak 5005-0 and a rak 4630-rui. Until a few hours ago, everything was working fine. Now I get the following message:

When I double click on the reset button, I don’t see the drive either.

Does anyone have an idea what else I can try

In RUI3 the bootloader is different than the one used with our Arduino BSP.
A double click does not trigger an external drive, it only forces the bootloader into boot mode.

Try to double click reset and then start the upload.

thank you for the answer. I have also already tried without success. Unless my timing does not fit

I just saw in your screenshot that you are trying to update a RAK4631-R (with RUI3 bootloader) using the Adafruit update utility.
I think you have selected the wrong board in Arduino IDE/PlatformIO.

For RUI3, please install the correct BSP.

You can find the procedure in our Documentation → Quick Start

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