Serial Port Tool always complains about "AT_COMMAND_NOT_FOUND"

Hi everyone,

I am new here and would appreciate a helping hand.

I would like to setup a WisNode Button 4K with the RAK Serial Port Tool and have done so before on the same computer. Now, the issue I am facing is that the tool replies “AT_COMMAND_NOT_FOUND” to all commands I issue. Even the most basic ones do not succeed.

The COM Port is correctly set and I downloaded the Serial Port Tool from the website again. I try to run it on a Thinkpad T495s with Windows 11, all updates installed. I rebooted the computer to no avail and searched for similar problems without success. Since a picture says more than a thousand words, please have a look at the screenshot.

Any ideas what I could do next? Many thanks in advance!

All the best,

I dont know much about the button, but try typing this command and see if there is any response: AT?

The AT commands in the app look like the very old commands during RUI2. Did you try the AT commands in this docs site:RAK7201V2 AT Command Manual | RAKwireless Documentation Center