Serial1 in RAK19001 and RAK5802

I have successfully tested a code that uses the Serial1 gate between a RAK5005 (board), RAK11200 (Core), and RAK5802 (IO). When I implement the same code on RAK19001 (board), RAK11200 (Core), and RAK5802 (IO). Do the serial gates change between the Core and IO when I use a RAK19001?

scenario 1

  • RAK5005 (base)
  • RAK11200 (Core Slot)
  • RAK5802 (IO Slot)

scenario 2

  • RAK19001 (base)
  • RAK11200 (Core Slot)
  • RAK5802 (IO Slot A)

I using Arduino BSP; in Windows 10. I don’t use any library to communicate with RAK5802. I just write to Serial1 port.

Serial1 should work the same on RAK5005-O and RAK19001, there are no differences in the IO assignment or IO slots.