Server ack to node in unconfirmed and confirmed mode

Dear all,
When rak811 send data to rak2247 i received such as
Both in unconfirmed and confirmed send. But it is different with response
[LoRa]: RUI_MCPS_UNCONFIRMED send success
[LoRa]: RUI_MCPS_CONFIRMED send success
I had a question at+recv=0,-44,30,0: is ack from server chirpstack to node? If it is correct then what is different between 2 these modes?


A confirmed send is when the network server confirms it got the message. Remembering that the gateway is just a conduit, you have no idea if any gateway heard your message without a confirmation, however there are considerable disadvantages to bandwidth if you always send a message with a confirmation request. Some level of ‘intelligence’ can be built in to the device to check it is being heard by sending a message with confirmation on at appropriate intervals and if no ACK comes back, trying a join again.

As for the response that you are getting at the moment, do you have ADR turned on as you may be receiving other commands from the server.

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