Set end node Class B ping & multicast periodicity

Hello community,

When initializing Class B end nodes, it seems that initialization of Ping Slot and Multicast Slot periodicity is required. (If these are not initialized, then computation of next ping / multicast slot upon beacon sync results in a divide by zero.) Furthermore, this initialization would be the application layer responsibility, because the application developer will know what the design requires for initial ping slot assignment.

It seems that there is a method for setting ping slot periodicity without knowing stack details (which the app should not know): LoRaMacClassBSetPingSlotInfo(int periodicity). However I do not see a parallel method for setting multicast periodicity. (The closest is LoRaMacClassBSetMulticastPeriodicity(MulticastCtx_t *), which requires knowledge of stack internals as MulticastCtx_t *).
I would expect something like the following in application code:

if (LmHandlerParams.DefaultClass == CLASS_B) {
    LoRaMacClassBSetPingSlotInfo(pingPeriodicity); // which exists
    LoRaMacClassBSetMulticastSlotInfo(multicastPeriodicity);  // which does not

Thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!