Setting address for point to point

Is it possible to assign an address to a node for point to point mode?

I only saw an AT command for assigning an address in lora mode (ABP).

I was wanting to have multiple nodes talking to a central one. I think it would work better if each could be assigned an address for this. I’ve also seen other “non-lora” boards that allow this but was hoping that the RAK 811 or RAK 4200 could also do this.


The P2P is kept simple - just choose channel / DR etc and send. No addressing is included. Various radio chipsets are around, some support things like the RadioHead library which allows you to allocate addresses / setup P2P / have a mesh. But they don’t usually support LoRa being somewhat harder to drive the chip & a bit more expensive.

You could design your own data packet format and make the first few bytes the address and then have it fit your own scheme rather than have one foisted on you.

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The RAK 811 or RAK 4200 could also do this.

You need configer work mode is P2P!

AT command:at+set_config=lora:work_mode:1

Thanks @nmcc and @Nicholas.

I just had a thought related to this.
Would it be possible for a node to collect information from other nodes as P2P and then switch to Lora mode to connect to a gateway to get data to the internet? In my case, it would be a microprocessor controlling the LoRa module with AT+ commands. I might want to do this a few times each hour. I have at least one location that will need data “relayed” over a hill. There is no cellular coverage either in this location.


So, what would the command be to set the address for P2P?

Absolutely, but you will have to control the power to the module as after you change the work mode (as described above), I find that you need to cycle the power on the module - no big deal.

You may well find that the settings are all ready to rock to do a LoRaWAN send so you can quickly do that and switch back to listening to your satellite nodes. You’ll have to look at the details of ABP vs OTAA and frame counters if there is any chance your main node loses power?

Set the mode:1 will enter the P2P mode.

Yup, saw that in the previous post.

But that’s not the ADDRESS of the node for P2P which was the original question …

Is this?

No, I think the OP was hoping to give a P2P message an EUI or DevId so he knows where the message came from.