Settings for global_conf.json

Issue:my lack of knowlege / newb

Setup:RAK2287 with 2247PiHAT / PI4/8Gb


Details: Hi everyone… I’m trying to understand a couple of things in my global_conf.json file. I’ve take the default setup from the RAK install. 2 questions:
“antenna_gain”: 0, => should I update this value? I’ve looked around but from what i can tell everyone leaves it at 0
I have the little antenna that came with the 2287 so I guess this would have a gain of about 2 … ???

The second question is the rssi_offset"=… should I be adjusting this? and if so how/to what value.

I’m just getting started so if you have any good reference sites, I’ll take em.


“SX130x_conf”: {
“com_type”: “SPI”,
“com_path”: “/dev/spidev0.0”,
“lorawan_public”: true,
“clksrc”: 0,
“antenna_gain”: 0, /* antenna gain, in dBi /
“full_duplex”: false,
“fine_timestamp”: {
“enable”: false,
“mode”: “all_sf” /
high_capacity or all_sf */
“radio_0”: {
“enable”: true,
“type”: “SX1250”,
“freq”: 867500000,
“rssi_offset”: -215.4,

Hei @BFB ,

The antenna gain should be fine at 0. The small antenna is actually not that high a gain around 1dBi at most.
The rssi_offset you can leave, it is specifically tuned for the concentrator mode.


good info - thanks a lot !


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