Setup for Helium network?


Did someone succeeded to setup RAK2287 kit for setup as hotspot on Helium Network ?



You can check this guide Helium Data Only Hotspot Setup with RAK Concentrator + Raspberry Pi

I am using my RAK2287 for Helium, TTN and Chirpstack. I can quickly change it via simple ssh commands.

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i am having a hard time trying to take the miner out of a relayed position i have a technicolour
dcp3848v residential gateway and have setup port forwarding to 44158 and have disabled upnp .What else can i do to unrelay the hotspot which is called real vinyl pelican .and how do it on the gateway ?

@bobcinelli , your question is out of topic. This is for RAK2287 data-only hotspot which never get relayed.

Please post your inquiry to the RAKstar discord.

thank you for pointing that fact out to me how do i post it in the other group ?