Setup for RAK 831 and WiseAP combination

I was wondering if there is any documentation on how to setup this combination, especially the required software on the WiseAP side. This is a great combination. Is there a guide for the setup?

Hi @88bit,

What do you mean a great combination?
What network topology, functionality are you envisioning?

By the way you mean WisAP, right?
Isn’t it discontinued?


Hi Dirk,

We’ve an open source project for RAK831 + MT7628(WisAP platform) on Github.
Maybe it is useful for you.

It is a very cost effective solution, I run my own lora-server . Additionally it gives me a second Ethernet port and good wireless connection for Wi-Fi wireless clients around the AP. I back haul via Wi-Fi.
I’m not sure if it is continued? I have a board I got a while a go and want to use it. I also find that the Pi gequires over lays to make it robust for power outages where the WisAp is better protected.

One problem I’m having with the link below that there is some GIT backward compatibility with the WRT image and it fails compiling. There are a number of writeup about this problem but I’m unable to resolve the issue. Is there anywhere a compiled version I can download?