Setup for temp/humidity/audio for bee hive monitoring

I’m looking at a project where I’d like to measure temp/humidity and audio db via lorawan/WisBlock (apparantly measuring this can provide insight as to what’s going on inside!).
Just wondering what components would best suit for this project?
Temp/humidity is easy (I’ll probably use an sht31 or similar to remotely monitor these).
Would there be a config that could also do the audio? I was considering the following.
I think I need the 19001 (dual IO) so that the temp/humidity/audio can be in the same enclosure?
RAK 4631 core
The WisBlock Analog Unidirectional Microphone Kit:

  • RAK18041 - Analog Unidirectional Microphone
  • RAK18040 - Analog Mic to I2S module
  • RAK18040 Microphone Cable

Any recommendations on a good temp/humidity sensor would be much appreciated, and it needs to be possibly with 1m of cable to locate in the brood of the hive.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Just an addition, It’s actually the frequency of the hive I need to measure, not the db…so that may require a different sensor?

Here is a link to the Research Paper discussing the Frequency Analysis

Hi Andrew,

Since you are using an analog microphone RAK18041, maybe you can have a look on our AnalogMicSerialPlottterFTT example.

It uses ApproxFFT and will return frequency and the amplitude values.

I haven’t personally tried this since I am using PDM mic most of the time. But functionality should be the same. To test this, I am using a frequency generator app on my smartphone and observe the sweeping of the frequency.

Sounds like an interesting project.

For the Temperature side:
The RAK1901 is an shtc3 base module for temperature and humidity which should match what you are looking for. The only issue is that you are looking for a 1m cable, we do have have an extension cable (RAK19005 FPC Sensor Extension Cable – RAKwireless Store), but it is only 120mm in length. (I assume you’d need a case to enclosure the sensor board?)
If this won’t work please let us know and we can look into other solutions.

For the Audio side:
The RAK1804x solution you have suggested will work, in fact any of our microphones will work as you are only sampling up to 4k (really less according to the paper you reference). The only concern I have is that you’ll need to keep the microphone clean a free of debris (and honey :wink: ). If you can solve that the RAK18041 may be the easiest for mounting of the microphone away from the base board, however it is unidirectional which may not be ideal. Our PDM microphones can also be mounted away from the base board by using either an interposer board (RAK18003) and FPC cable or the header board (RAK18033) and a FPC cable.

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thanks @carlrowan, I’ll check it out.

Thanks @geoff, I might try the 1901 with the extension cable. Is there a way to still have a sealed enclosure whilst using the cable?
I think the mounting of the microphone will be ok, I’ll come up with something like a mesh cover.
Same question re the FPC cable, what’s the best enclosure to use for this type of application? I have used a lot of the RAKBox-B4 Outdoor enclosures, but any sensors or cable for my applications have been round…so I use cable gland or connectors…

Hi @Andy ,

I do not think there a gland compatible for FPC cable. There could be other options but first thing that comes out of my mind is use epoxy resin to seal openings. Or maybe make a round shaped epoxy resin filling that can fit on the standard cable glands.

Are you able to put everything in the same box? (It would be so much easier, but I think you said you need to have the Mic in a specific location).
If you can we do have Audio Enclosures: WisBlock Audio Enclosure – RAKwireless Store

@geoff, the box would need to be outside the hive, very little room inside.
All good, we may be able to print one that would suit.
Thanks for the assistance so far.