Shipping Cost Dilemma

Are there ever going to be additional or regional distributors that have lower shipping cost? I had need for just a few more pieces, but the shipping costs more than the product!

Wish there were a more affordable way to pick up these parts.

Hi @Botched1 ,

We have continuously expanding our distributors and resellers. Maybe you can share your location/country then I can ask customer support team if there is something we can do.

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I’m in the USA.

Even if the shipping were the same as it is on your AliExpress store ($9.99), that would be much better.


Hi @Botched1 ,

If you want to order directly from our RAK store, I don’t think there is a way to make it cheaper.

Maybe you can check the our distributors here which might be closer to you?
Search RAK Distributors and Partners - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy

I did look there 1st. Checked them all.

Unfortunately it appears that you don’t have any US distributors that actually carry the full WisBlock line. Some of them have a few WisBlock parts, but none have more than a couple parts, and none have the pieces I need.

I guess I’ll have to buy off of your “official” AliExpress store that for some reason has shipping at less than half the price as your store.

Thanks though!

Same items at AliExpress “Official RAKWireless Store” - $28.97 vs $44.36. Doesn’t make much sense to me, if both are “official” stores, but whatever:

Not US, but at least closer, new distributor. Not sure what WisBlock he will offer though.


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