Should I boot on first boot with the rak2245 plugged in?

Issue: Nodes not activating after SSD upgrade

Setup: Raspberry Pi 3 + Rak2245 + SSD + 5v5a PowerSupply

Server: Chirpstack ; Raspberry Pi-3B ; Buster

Details: As beginning, I Installed RAK firmware to SdCard and set end devices, they were running very well. After, I decided to upgrade from SdCard to SSD, I cloned image but didnt work. For this reason, I installed latest firmware to SSD on different Raspberry Pi 3 (without RAK2245) and set parameters on in, than I removed SdCard from gateway and attached SSD. However, nodes not connecting to now.

My question is; Is there any script that runs onetime at first boot after flashing firmware because on gateway-config output says device name as RAK7243 and Gateway ID and seems different. How can I activate deviced again ? Why gateway-config gives different ID and says RAK7243 ?
Should I boot on first boot with the rak2245 plugged in?

Hei @vbulbul,

This is something I have been wanting to try for some time - RPi + SSD :slight_smile:
As I haven’t tested it exactly I can only advice a workaround, one that should make sure any potential issues are avoided to begin with.
Put a fresh Raspberry Pi OS, go to our Github page and follow the instructions clone, install, etc. In the end you should end with the same firmware as the image, however there will be no need to be swapping around cards, Pis, etc.


It sounds like you may have lost the record of your nodes from the previous chipstack.

If they are ABP nodes you’ll need to enter them in chirpstack

If they are OTAA nodes you’ll need to both enter them in chirpstack, and cause each node to re-join

For deployed systems it makes a lot more sense to run chirpstack in the cloud, so that you can replace/repair/upgrade the gateway without touching the chirpstack databases