Signal spreading

Hi everyone, Im still a student getting into the telecommunications field. I just have a quick question regarding the RAK7240 WisGate Edge Prime.

I want to know how the signal is spread with this antenna (LoRa antenna), Im trying to cover a 2.9km area, which is pretty much a straight line (A…B) point b is just the end of the covered area to work and there is going to be some devices throughout the 2.9km.

Hope you can see the image, i want to know if the signal would be spread like example 1 or 2.

I thank you for your time and support.

Hey @Alfred

Welcome to the party that is the Engineering field of Telecommunications (poor choice go for something better payed and requiring less work).
The signal propagation depends on the particular antenna you get, not sure which one you are using we got several options however they are similar. It is something in more similar to 1 I suppose, but take a look at the following link, the radiation patter of one of our antenna is shown. In short the antennas we offer are omnidirectional so radiation pattern is more or less uniform. You can get a directional antenna but I would not advice it, they are expensive and the range gain is not worth it, seeing how LoRaWAN already has a link budget of 150dB and its range is quite goo. Plus in your particular case if you don’t have line of sight at almost 3km away, I doubt the directional antenna would help much.

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