SIM card not present error

Issue: Not able to connect to Cellular


LoRa® Server:

Details: Hi,

I have now tried 2 different SiM cards from 2 different Cellular Operators, both SiM’s are confirmed to be working within another device. Although once the SiM is inserted and the Gateway is re-booted I am not able to connect to the Cellular Operator (Telstra nor Optus) I have checked the APN settings and these appear to be correct as they are working in the other device and can connect to the internet.

Cellular Status:

Any clues or suggestions on what to do to resolve this issue?
Thanks Kev

This is the current configuration:

Cellular Configuration;


Hello @iot4u,
Please make sure that the card if put correctly.

Yes I can confirm the card is correctly installed.

Please power off the gateway → reinsert the sim card → power on the gateway (the device does not support hot-swap for the sim card).
If this does not solve the issue, check the firmware version and make sure to flash the latest one.
If you already have the latest firmware make a factory reset.

Hi Nikola, Sorry for the delayed response due to COVID lockdown.

Tried your suggestions still no luck with both Telstra and Optus SiMs

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Hi any more suggestions on what can be done. The gateway is working fine apart from the LTE part.

@iot4u can you try to disconnect the gateway from the power and then place the SIM card? The SIM is not hot swappable.

Yes I have tried this without any luck, I think I am at a point where it is possible the SIM card slot is just not working.

Kevin, any luck as I am having same issue.


Hi DarrenW sadly no, so I gave up and brought a different Gateway. Now use the 7240 as a test gateway at home