SIM Connectivity Issues


I have the RAK2560 Wisnode sensor HUB and im trying to send data via NB but some SIM errors appears:

  • Using the AT command AT+CREG? it returns +CREG:0,2
  • With AT+QSIMSTAT it returns +CME ERROR: 100 and i don’t really know what it means.

I’m powering the sensor HUB with his 12V dc adapter. Its necessary to suply with the external batteries?

Thanks in advance.


I powered the sensor HUB 2560 with his batteries and its impossible to find cell operators with the WisToolBox App and the “ATCELL+COPS=?” command.

In an attempt to solve it, I connected the Quectel module (RAK5860) via USB and sending “AT+COPS=?” I can see in a serial monitor that it returns the cellular operators so my question is, why it doesn’t work in the mobile app? Thats the reason why my sensor hub can’t connect to any operator?


Hello @jmoreno ,

May I know what is the firmware version of the Sensor Hub and as well what is the version of the WisToolBox App that you are using?

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

Hi @Nikola,

These are the versions:

App: v1.21.2
Sensor HUB: v1.2.2