Simple APB setup of Internal Network Server

Issue: Help with Internal NS for AU915 APB

Setup: RAK7258 In Internal Network server

I want to setup the following AU915 in ABP mode.
In Status mode I can see the node transmitt traffic (see see example output below)

My Microchip LoRaWAN node can set the following
devaddr Sets the unique network device address for RN2903 module.
deveui Sets the globally unique identifier for the RN2903 module.
appeui Sets the application identifier for the RN2903 module.
nwkskey Sets the network session key for the RN2903 module.
appskey Sets the application session key for the RN2903 module.
appkey Sets the application key for the RN2903 module

My Microchip LoRaWAN node, I can read out the hardware EUI

*** How do I setup an RAK7258 Application for this LoRaWAN node **
**Where are the keys generated and what do I put in the LoRaWAN node **
** Do I add from the node to the Application in the NS ***

I can see the following
“freq”: 915400000,
“chan”: 1,
“tmst”: 1559169843,
“utmms”: 1591100191570,
“rfch”: 0,
“stat”: 1,
“rssi”: -23,
“size”: 21,
“modu”: “LORA”,
“datr”: “SF7BW125”,
“codr”: “4/5”,
“lsnr”: 8.3,
“data”: “QJkAUAwAMgCH5gUj/PCH3ecEJx2l”
“MHDR”: {
“MType”: “Unconfirmed Data Up”,
“RFU”: 0,
“Major”: 0
“MACPayload”: {
“FHDR”: {
“DevAddr”: “0C500099”,
“FCtrl”: {
“ADR”: false,
“ADRACKReq”: false,
“ClassB”: false,
“ACK”: false,
“FOptsLen”: 0
“FCnt”: 50
“FPort”: 135,
“FRMPayload”: "87 E6 05 23 FC F0 87 DD "
“MIC”: “4271DA5”

Hi @JoeyG can you check which firmware version you are using?
The ABP mode only need device address, network session key and application session key. The keys are generated in the Configuration tab of the Device in the application menu.
For ABP the dev addr and the keys should me manually added in the device.

1.1.0062_Release r202

For the “device address” do you mean the DevEUI (device EUI) or the Harware EUI - how many bytes is this address?

Under LoRaWAN Network Server, -->Application --> Application Edit there is only AppEUI and no device or DevEUI are these the same? What is the min / max address size?

I just need to translate between RAK LoRaWAN terminology and the Microchip LoRaWAN Node terminology.