Simple demonstration for RAK5811 using RUI3


Is there a simple demonstration for using the RAK5811 via RUI3? Either using AT commands or with a Arduino script. I would like to execute something very simple like wake from sleep every 30 minutes, read voltages, send voltages and then go back to sleep. Is there an example script, or set of AT commands, that does this using RUI3?



Welcome to the forum @nsteiner

We have no special examples for the RAK5811 with RUI3 at the moment. Basically it works the same as with our Arduino BSP.

Which RUI3 device are you using?

Hi Bernd,

Thanks for fielding my question! I’m using the RAK4631. I see the Arduino BSP directions are straight forward, but I don’t see any simple ways to set the sleep modes between samples. Open to your suggestions.


These examples are just to show the principle of usage, they are not targeting low power consumption.

For RUI3, maybe you can have a look into my RUI3-RAK13011 example code
Still not the simplest code to understand, but here is the principle:

Setup system, initialize sensors and IO modules
Setup a timer with the interval you want to send data
Start the timer
Kill the loop by immediately going into system sleep

This way your module sleeps until the timer wakes it up, reads your data, sends it and then goes back to sleep.

Above example uses an external interrupt in addition to the timer. If the RAK13011 triggers an interrupt, the module wakes up, sends the data, re-adjusts the timer and goes back to sleep again.