Simple RAK4631 Helium Connection

I’m looking to make a basic solar light using the Helium network to connect to a Lora RAK4631 module. I want to turn on a solar powered light anywhere covered by the Helium network.

I can connect to the Helium network with my 5005 base and RAK4631 core? Right?

Or do I need more components?

Thanks in advance :raised_hands:

Welcome to RAK forum @Ladd12 :slight_smile:

The additional components you need will depend on what type of solar light. But if it is just a basic outdoor lamp fixture, then a relay should be enough. We have a relay wisblock module that you can use.

Awesome. If I wanted to have 2 separate batteries (1 for the module & 1 for the actual Lights) would I need any other components if I wanted to monitor the LEDs battery levels?

The WisBlock Core has one analog input AIN pin but it is used for monitoring the Li-Po battery.

For additional analog input for DC voltage monitoring, you can use WisBlock ADC module or WIsBlock IO module but these also fit on IO slot. RAK5005 only has one IO slot. But we will release a new WisBlock Base board next month with two IO slots. That should be able to cater those two modules.