Simple way to test functionality of RAK2287 (SPI) concentrator

Issue: Quick way to determine if 2287 is working?

Setup: RPI4, RAK Hat, RAK2287 minipci module (SPI)

Server: n/a

Hi, is there a simple way to send commands to the RAK2287 via SPI etc (i.e. python scrypt etc) to simply test if it is working?

I had some equipment get hit with a surge but the 2287 looks OK. If I connect it to a new RPI, I need to know how to verify whether it still works or not, without needing to go through all the work of installing the full rak_common_for_gateway etc. This would also be helpful when testing new hardware (such as the Libre series of rpi clones) to ensure ports/pins are configured properly before installing all the software for the concentrator.

I assume the bare minimum would be to 1) send/receive from serial port to test GPS and 2) send/receive some bytes via SPI and look for some sort of response from the concentrator?

More broadly, it would be awesome to have a similar script (python, bash, etc) that would work for any of the developer concentrators to test its functionality (i.e. connected properly, working). A command like --model RAK2287 --reset_pin 17 --serial /dev/ttyS0 would be awesome.

Would appreciate any pointers in this direction. Thank you.

To test the built-in ZOE-M8Q GPS/GNSS module, follow these steps:

  • Install minicom (sudo apt -y install minicom)
  • Connect to the RAK2287’s serial port: minicom -D/dev/ttyAMA0 -b9600

You should immediately see GPS positioning data being received. Lines start with $GNGGA, $GNVTG, etc…