Sleep Power Issue

I’m having an issue with getting low power on the 4600 breakout when calling rui_device_sleep(1); in compiled custom firmware with the RUI Online compiler.

It works fine if I’m going to sleep after a Lora TX then waking on a timer, sleep power consumptions is around 10uA, good enough for a battery powered application.

My problem is I want to scan for a BLE beacon, get it’s major/minor values, send that over Lora Tx, and then sleep.

I can do this by using the BLE beacon scan (observer) mode, works as expected, but sleep after this is around 3-4mA.

I’ve tried changing back to Peripheral mode before going to sleep, but it makes no difference to the high 3-4mA consumption, as if scanning is continuing.

There is no exposed RUI API that seems to get the module to stop BLE scanning.

Does anyone know if it is possible to exit/stop beacon scanning mode before going to sleep in order to get usable low power consumption.


This exact or scarily similar issue was discussed but a few hours ago - you may want to review the posts for this section or do a search.