Software Serial for Apollo3

Hi all,

Does anyone know any libraries that will work for Software serial for the RAK117200? I have 2 uart devices that need to talk to the device, in addition to keeping 1 uart bus free for debugging.

Suggestions for how to do this otherwise would also be appreciated, if you think I should go about this a different way.

Hi @Deanasaur ,

There are two UART available for the RAK11700.

You can access them via Serial and Serial1.

Here’s a loopback test.


Sounds like you need 3 UARTS, 2 hardware UARTs for talking with 2 external devices and a 3rd UART for debugging. I did try other libraries in the past for faking a UART on RAK11720, nothing worked out of the box, you will most likely need a c level bit bang software uart if you need a physically connected debug uart port.

Personally I use the 3rd UART on the RAK11720 for debugging, BLE UART.