Some issues about RAK815

We are using RAK815 modules to receive Bluetooth signals from BLE sensors and send them to the Pilot Gateway over Lora Protocol.
Last week, we user 2 RAK815 module, 1 pilot gateway and 4 ble sensors for one of our customer demo scenario. We put one RAK815 in a room,
and put the second one in another room. Also we locate pilot gateway near to them, approx 60mt away. 4 stuff working at our customer office holds these ble sensors.
When they go in to the room1, RAK815 module takes the signals of BLE sensor and sends them over Lora Protocol to Pilot gateway. After, Pilot gateway sends these data
over Wi-Fi to our web platform. So we can see the sensor (stuff) in a box called Room1 on our platform. Room2 is the same.
we left devices for 2weeks demo. This is our 6th day of demo but the rak815 devices locked and stopped sending data to pilot gateway. We can check that the pilot gateway is working.
We can send ping command to it and get reply. But the communicaton between rak815 modules and pilot gateway has stopped :frowning:
We met this locking problem before and we add a code to solve this problem.
Our code is working like below;

1- system starts
2- Scanning BLE (for 4secs)
3- Sends BLE RSSI and MAC Informations which founded in 4secs over Lora Protocol
4- 3sec after sending, it reboots.

and we use HANDLER in code.
if any problem appears on code, system reboots itself.

However the RAK815 working with this code, they locked again.

Could you please help us about this problem?

Thanks and BR

Hi´╝îwhich version of code do you use? Our main project RUI is based on GCC now, and it show a super low power (1.7 mA) woke up by acc (or any GPIO interrupt by periphrals )

. In your case, I think you can consider this way. Meanwhile, it uses freertos and is easy for developing. As for the lock of your code, there needs more details about your code. Do you use OS or the running way of nordic? According to your description, I conjecture it may be the memory problem which I met many times. If you add more featuers, the risk is more high. Can you send the log, it will be good to analyse.

Hi @mferuz,

have you resolve your problem? Is it related to your code? We are considering to use RAK815 for similar POC. Thank you in advance for your answer.