Some issues about RAK831

Q1: Where is the firmware for RAK831+Raspberry Pi?
Fomi: RAK team has developed a fully open source project for RAK831+Raspberry Pi, you can fid it on Github and do step-by-step according to it:

Q2: How to change the frequency of RAK831+Raspberry Pi?
Fomi: If you use the above project for your RAK831+Raspberry Pi, RAK team has prepare some globle_config.json files for various frequency. You can use one of them to replace the old one in the folder </opt/ttn-gateway/packet_forwarder/lora_pkt_fwd>.

Q3: I get an error on my RAK831+RPi like this: “ERROR: [main] failed to start the concentrator”, how can i fix it?
Fomi: I’m sorry for it. You can try to reduce the SPI rate from 8M to 2M.

Q4: Except Raspberry Pi, which platform i can play with RAK831?
Fomi: RAK team has developed some different solutions for RAK831, for example, RAK831+MT7628+OpenWRT, RAK831+SolidRun+Yocto, RAK831+SolidRun+Debian, and RAK831+RPi+LoRa Gateway OS. All of them are fully open source, you can find them in RAK Github repositories:

(updating continuously)