Some questions on the Wisblock

We were able to get the data flowing from the WisBlock into our SQL back end now from Helium. Our focus is now to make this device more rugged for field testing. I have a few questions I was hoping the community has some links/ideas for us.

  1. Enclosures. Are there any ready-made enclosures that would fit a WisBlock with the added RAK13001?

  2. Antennas. We need to add some good LoRa and GPS antennas to this board. I saw an antenna based on the attached picture. Does anyone know what is this antenna called so I can search it? Does it look like one piece or two pieces (LoRa board connecting wire and antenna)? Does RAK Wireless sell it (could not find any LoRa antennas, even the mini ones on the Rak shopping site? What would I search for this antenna piece(s) on the Web?

  3. We need to beef up the error handling/retry logic on LoRa join/failed packets. We are using the basic code found in the code samples provided in the Rak githib) (i.e., Environment_Monitoring.ino). Is there any known giid code example someone already has built for this ? We will be adding our own (i.e., Loops to retry Join failure, loops to try to resend packets when failed, etc (not too aggressive). Thought I would ask before we add this in.

Thank you,

  1. How about this enclosure?
    (Protect and charge your LoRa® WisBlock modules with the RAKBox-B2 – RAKwireless Store)
    and you can see other options as well here: Enclosures – RAKwireless Store
  1. I think this is the antenna that you are referring to: 916MHz Antenna, 868MHz Antenna | Original Helium Hotspot Antenna – RAKwireless Store

A little bit more info about antennas:

In the RAK store you can find antennas on this link

These are antennas I tested, and I prefer the Blade Antenna because it is tuned for a smaller frequency range: 902-928 MHz or 863-870 MHz

The other antennas are usually 860-930MHz and therefor not as optimized as the Blade antenna.

Thank you for the reply RommelGadil and beegee. Will look these up and add em to this ever growing Rak shopping cart list :slight_smile: .