Space not allowed on WisDM + WisGateOS 2 for WiFi SSID

We have been using RAK7268CV so far, and during the setup process it’s possible for us to have an SSID with space between the characters.

We have just received our first batch of RAK7268CV2, and here it’s not allowed + you can’t use special characters for the WiFi password (this should be fixed in an upcoming firmware release).

If I go to WisDM and try to edit one of our existing SSID (RAK7268CV) with space, I will get an error with

Invalid characters. Please check the input

My question is if this is something that also can be fixed in the upcoming firmware and also in WisDM?

Has this been solved? I’m using the firmware version 2.1.8.
In addition to the Invalid characters error it also happens that when scanning networks and selecting one that has a space, clicking connect does nothing.

Hello @nicolasech ,
This will be solved in firmware version 2.2.0, which I expect to be released by the end of this week.

Best Regards,
Nikola Semov

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Hello @Nikola,
Great! Thank you

I just tested FW 2.2.0 and it only work locally on the gateway, not if you are using WisDM.

Hi @jssani ,

We expect an update on the WisDM system as well soon.
It is different validation rule.

Nikola Semov


We have been accustomed to using SSIDs with spaces and special characters for our Wi-Fi network names, but with the new RAK7268CV2, we discovered that it doesn’t allow such characters, which is causing compatibility issues in our existing network setup. There is an issue when attempting to edit SSID settings via WisDM, as it returns an error stating “Invalid characters. Please check the input” when trying to modify the SSID.
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