Spectral Scan download link

Currently, I purchased and installed RAK7289v2 and am using it as LoRaWAN communication.

I’m inquiring because I can’t see the download link when I’m trying to install it after checking that there is “Spectral Scan” on the gateway platform.

And if I use the AT+CW command on the RAK3172 module, can I check the spectrum in the “Spectral Scan” installed on the gateway?

What is the unit of “20” in the “AT+CW=868000000:20:60” command?

Will it be used in Korea as well? and what is the maximum txpower value that can be used in AT+CW?

I can only answer for the RAK3172 question.

AT+CW documentation
Maximum TX power is 22, but as this command is used for RF testing and certifications, it should be limited to the maximum TX power of the LoRaWAN region it is used in.


Did you already try to see the RAK3172 metadata in the you LoRa Network Server? There, you will see LoRa radio information about your endnode and gateway.

About maximum power (RSSI) you need to pay attention in the regulations laws for each country. For example, in Brazil following LoRa-Alliance Regional Parameters, we are using AU915, but the ANATEL - Brazilian telecomunicaitons agency say that you can use the maximum power 30dBm(1W).