SPI Flash Chip U2 RAK4630

I am looking at the datasheet for the RAK4630 and I see in one of the schematics a designation for U2 which is a USON_8pin_2x3mm SPI Flash chip. On my RAK4630 this chip is not populated. Is this an option on these modules? Something to be done to expand memory if your application requires it?

Unfortunately the SPI Flash chip is a design error. We removed it after getting the first prototypes. Using the Flash chip pushed the current consumption up by 50mA and we could not shut down the chip into sleep mode.

So decision was to just not assembly it.

Thanks for the update. Saves me the trouble of attempting to solder to this tiny board and destroying it!! I may try and incorporate an additional flash chip in my own carrier board design.


For testing, you can try the RAK15001

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