Spontaneous reboot RAK4600 if you send it to sleep mode

Restarts after 2-3 minutes if you send it to sleep. what can this be related to?! Screenshot 2020-10-26 00.13.36|690x411

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Hello @davinci102,

I think I’m having the same problem. Did you find a solution?

These are my results so far (in a custom board):

As soon as the RAK4600 has initialized I join ABP and then send SLEEP.

UPDATE: I tested the problem using the Eval Kit and the problem was also detected. The issue appears once the RAK4600 is set to sleep mode. If I don’t set sleep, then the RAK4600 does not restart by itself.

Here’s a video with the situation.

I am using the firmware version on the Evaluation Board, using the USB connection with the RAK Serial Port Tool.

Perhaps someone could share with me a previous firmware version and its documentation? I would like to try it.

Hi @nicolasech , this is not at the official FW yet from our software team but I recompiled the RAK4600 FW with the update RUI. You can try this FW. You should see I tested it now with sleep command and I got no restart on the module.