Status of RAK7249 & RAK7258 gateways on cloud

I am working on an installation which has a RAK7249 & RAK7258 gateway each. I am currently using the TTN Lora Server which is set up to forward telemetry data to

I can see the RAK gateway status on TTN but I can not see it on thingsboard.

My question is, is there any way in which I can configure the RAK gateway to send status information the thingsboard?



Please refer this web!

Hi Nicholas, Thanks for the reply.

I have already integrated the payload aspect and it is working as expected.

I wanted to get the Gateway Status messages, mainly the keep alive message so that I can monitor the RAK Gateway on my Thingsboard Dashboard. The ThingsNetwork Integration is primarily for device telemetry data. Am I missing something?


Dear @yashdarad,

It is only integrated into the application and does not get the gateway data.

There are likely two ways you could go about this.

  1. You could come up with some software that periodically queries what TTN’s servers know about the gateway, and then pushes that to thingsboad. But TTN servers do not do a very good job of tracking gateway status

  2. You could add a custom program to the gateway which would determine the status locally (perhaps by watching the logread lot, etc) and then independently push that to thingsboard directly from the gateway. This has the advantage that it would give you gateway status independent of TTN servers, so when something goes wrong you may have a better idea where the problem is. This is definitely possible, but adding custom software isn’t really officially supported so you will probably have to do a lot of work yourself.

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