Still i'm not able to get gateway iD

I readed every step by step and followed it still nor get.
please give me simple command to return gateway id

Hi @varun,

You can find the gateway EUI (I assume this is what you mean by ID) via the web interface on the LoRaWAN tab. See picture below

Hi, @varun

You can select the item “Edit packet-forwarder config” in the configure UI, for example:

Then you will see the config file of this gateway, and in the end of this file, you can find an item named “gateway_ID” as follow:

Do you see the content of the red box in the above picture? That is Gateway ID.


You are right, but this is for the Raspberry Pi based gateways. @varun which Gateway do you have exactly? The topic states RAK7249, which is OpenWRT based, so in this case follow what I suggested.
Otherwise what @Fomi said should solve your issue.


I got gateway id 0000000000000000 when I went to Edit PF .


Listen mate you have to give some background information. Which gateway do you have, which image did you flash, etc. Give us something to work with :slight_smile:)

Hi @varun. As @Hobo told , pls tell us what is your setup . What image you use LoRaGateway OS or Raspbian OS? If you use LoRaServer based , you have to set up the LoRa concentrator first.
In both ways the gateway ID is in local_conf.json. There are scripts to get it but you have to tell us which OS image you use.

Image I used (


This is rak2245 pi hat which I attached image please see.

RPi 3 b+ I have .

I m working with lora server.

I followed step

1- install image

2- wifi set

3- set gateway & LNS - LoRa Server & ip server

4- edit - gateway Id and check ip server , save

5- restart PF

loRa server - side

I created new gateway with gateway ID.

But issue is directly proportion to gateway ID…

Please let me if you need more information

Ok after you set the wifi, you need to go to point 2:

Than you select the 2 LoRa Server:

Lastly select the frequency band for your region:

This should set everything up so if you now select 3:

You should now be able to go to the end of the file and get the Gateway EUI as @Fomi initially explained.

I think you just missed step 2, am I right ?

If not let me know and we will fix it

No, brother, I have gone through point 2 but after installation image I get 5 point not 7 point so may be error here

When I sent command sudo gateway- config
Then I get 5 point

1- New password

2- set lora concentrator

3- edit PF config

4- restart PF

5 - configure wifi

Can you give me the link you downloaded the image from?

Here zip

Gmm I got the tar. Is it possible that it is an issue with the file, can you try the other one. I did it with the first file an hour ago and it worked.

Which file I have to upload my give me


It would appear you are installing the Raspbian image. There is not functioning LoRaServer there. That is why you can neither start it nor configure it properly, hence the missing Gateway ID.
You need to install the image from the picture.

Thank you I will try it tomorrow

As soon as you do let me know. If there is issues we will fix it no worries

Thank you , it’s working now module 2245 with RPi and received data in LoRa server via wiFi.
Now I have to used lte module for internet. So what to do now

I attached screenshot of LTE module and 2245 pi hat

I know RPi have one uart that’s why lora concentrator should work on I2C.

I remove two diode d7 & d8 according to your team.

U also attached screenshot.

Please find out attached file .please guide me step by step which image i have to use .

i used this image - * RAK7243_LTE_based_on_LoRaGateway_OS_V2.0_20190314.rootfs.rpi-sdimg.gz

Three Led are working Green , blue and red.
please guide me.