Still seen invalid in loraserver

I have a RAK833 (SPI) + RPi 3 B
downloaded firmware from

I configured everything but something is wrong I don’t know.

Can you describe the problem in detail? Or give me the screenshot of the problem.

Hi @varun,

That firmware is used for RAK833 (USB) + RPi, so it is not correct firmware.
For your usecase, RAK833 (SPI) + RPi, please download this firmware:

Hello @Fomi
I used RAK833(SPI). (

IN LoraServer , Lora_app_Server and Lora Birdge are running .

Hi @varun,

I’m sorry i’ve just heard your usecase from my colleague.
So now, there is a RAK833+RPi working well, but another works badly, right?
If it is, I think maybe you can use another RPi + this RAK833 for testing.

I installed both firmware and worked fine.