How can i install the 4.0.6 arduino ?
To me is giving only the 4.0.2 in board manager :frowning:

Maybe this is the problem that happens in my RAK3272 that is loosing the LoRaWAN parameters…going to zero 000000000000

Hello Miguel,

What link do you have in your Additional Board Manager URLs?

Make sure it is

Then in Boards Manager use the Select version to install the latest.
We released V4.1.0 a few days ago

If that doesn’t work, close the ArduinoIDE.
Go to your Arduino installation folder, on Windows that is in C:\Users<YOUR_USER_NAME>\AppData\Local\Arduino15
Delete the folders cache, staging and temp, and delete the file package_rakwireless.com_rui_index.json

Reopen Arduino IDE. It should now reload the package_rakwireless.com_rui_index.json file and you should see the latest BSP versions

hI @beegee

thank you so much!

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