Stop having internet connection

Good morning, it turns out that I am making a gateway with a raspberry pi 3 Model B, Rak7243 and Rak2243 (I have also done them with the raspberry pi 3 and raspberry pi 4), it turns out that everything is fine but when checking the connection to the internet I enter the command “ping” to check that it has a constant internet connection since I am going to put a VPN on it, and suddenly it runs out of connection. I made all the configurations and I have also done them from the minicom, the sim that I put is from simyo and in the APN I put “orangeworld” and the image that I record is the RAK7243C. I have tried all kinds of things and none have given me a solution

None of the part numbers you say you have involve a LTE card, so you appear to have a pre-built gateway and a concentrator card but you have used a part number for the firmware for a gateway with LTE.

Can you look at the RAK store and match up what you have so we can be sure of giving you the correct directions.

What are the other “all kinds of things” so we don’t duplicate your tests?

Have you tried a different network provider?