Storing Data Locally on Gateway with GPS Integration


I am working on a proof of concept using the RAK7243 Gateway. I have the gateway and sensor communicating correctly using ABP and I can see data being received via the websocket API. I am using the gateway without internet connection and would like to store the timestamped data on a USB drive that plugs right into the gateway. A few of the issues I am having…

  1. The gateway doesn’t have a clock built in, so every time it is turned off the time starts right back off from where it was stopped. Usually the clock would update via internet connection but this is not an option for me. How can I sync the gateways time using the GPS included in the gateway kit?

  2. Is the sensor data stored locally somewhere on the gateway before it is published to the websocket? Where can I find the command to see the data packets as they are sent to the gateway. If I can find where the data is received, it shouldn’t be that hard to redirect it to either a USB drive.

Thanks for the help.

1.If you want to synchronize the time of the gateway operating system with GPS time, you need to change the code to implement it.

2.Do you use a gateway built into ChirpStack? If you use ChirpStack built in the gateway, you can subscribe to the mqtt server built in the gateway and transfer the received node data to your USB driver.

RAK will implement these two functions in future gateway firmware.

Do you know the package that the GPS is in? I am having trouble finding the raw gps data. I am using internal chirpstack. How do I subscribe to mqtt?

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