Strange behavior in duty cycle after one hour running

Hello everyone!

I have a wistrio rak5205 with the firmware compiled and flashed from the official github repo. I’m sending data obtained via serial in the wistrio through an esp32 board, but I have the same problem with the default application. The problem is that just after an hour it starts sending Lorawan packets every two minutes or so. Initially it sends data every 12 or 13 seconds, which seems to make sense considering that the duty cycle for eu868 is 1%. The payload is variable but never more than 19 bytes and I always send with SF12, so ToA aprox. 1318.9 ms this multiplied for 99 is equal aprox to 13s between packet sendings.

Diving through the code I found that in the RegionCommon.c file there is a RegionCommonCalcBackOff function, if I understood correctly, the backoff is used for lost packets retransmission, but apparently this function also affects the duty cycle for sending packets, the join with the gw is via abp, up to one hour there are no problems by sending every 13 seconds but after one hour the wistrio starts to give ERROR-6 (busy) until more than two minutes pass then gives its OK and repeats the behavior, if I set manually the return value of this function to 1 there is no further problems after one hour of running.

Thanks in advice

This problem may be caused by the data resend. Did you send the confirmation package or the non-confirmation package?

Hello, thanks for the reply.

Basically the esp32 is sending via uart at commands like this periodically (13 s approx) “at+send=0,2,756e646566696e6564” to the wistrio. In the documentation the 0 means that there is no confirmation sending. That’s all the information I need so I removed the parts of the app code that was sending the internal sensor information and getting the gps signal, as it is used in an environment with no gps signal to avoid getting it stuck

The version you are using is the previous one, and it has a duty cycle mechanism that caused the problem. Maybe you can upgrade the new firmware and try again.


I compiled it from the master branch of the git repo that I linked to in the first message, isn’t that the latest version? I need the code to compile the firmware with the changes that I need, a binary wouldn’t work for me.


In our official website, there are already compiled firmware, which can be burned directly according to the operating instructions.

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